The curse of traditional investing

The reality is, most property investors lose money in the short term (negative gearing) in the hope they will make money through hopeful market driven capital gains. However, there are many problems with this form of investing including some of these below

  • They will be selling you house and land or off the plan properties showing tax savings you can achieve to invest back into the property
  • They will lure you via positive cashflow properties with a promise that there will be growth in these corridors
  • If the market stagnates or declines, you may experience financial stress and be forced to sell properties at a loss jeopardising your financial future
  • You may never generate enough equity and growth in the time period to make any significant difference to your wealth and lifestyle
Traditional Investor

A better way to grow your Wealth is not just by holding portfolio that’s adds minimal growth

What if there was a way to find properties that didn’t cost you time, and instead had value that you can lock today or in the future to create instant equity for yourself.

IP Group has perfected the process of identifying the development properties (these have exponential growth attached to it) where equity can be manufactured and released via land splits, property sub divisions or property flips.

Unlike other so-called experts who merely sell stock property (usually non investment grade), we act as your advocate, sourcing the perfect property for your needs (where you can create your own equity) and we oversee the entire purchase process on your behalf.

Why should you let us help you
on your property journey?

While many companies promote themselves as a ‘Buyers Agency’, very few offer a truly independent, fully transparent service. Majority of the buyers agents are sales agents selling off the plan properties or selling sub-optimal properties. You will hear quite often “we will help you find cashflow positive properties”. In the market where interest rates are this low, we believe that is just a poor value proposition. We pride ourselves in differentiating ourselves from them. Here is a brief analysis of what makes us stand out

Your Success, We Feel Proud

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