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Helpmebuy Property Podcast is a legacy of teaching as many people as possible about contemporary ways of property investing, transitioning their life from a mediocre investor to a high net worth investor, and doing all of these without sacrificing lifestyle.

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moxin reza

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My name is Moxin Reza and I am a Father, Husband, Property Mentor, Serial Investor, and Data scientist. I am also the CEO and founder of Investor Partner Group. As a Property Coach and Investment Property Adviser, I have assisted over 10,000 people, was featured in various media outlets, and have worked with top Entrepreneurs like Vinh Giang, Sam Wylie, and Jay Piggins. I assist with Property investment in all major cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and South Australia.  

I am an average and proud Australian who went from doing three jobs to developing properties valued at over $50 million in less than 7 years. I am humbled to have built a portfolio after years of experience in Property investing. I am a data nerd and MBS alumni who transacted $100+ million just in the last year and have generated over $20 million of equity and manufactured growth and profits just in last year alone.  

We are here to help you go from mediocre investing to high net worth investing using low-risk, high-return strategies all without sacrificing lifestyle. The average age of a client in our “one-stop shop” Property investment ecosystem is 4 years and 90% of our clients own more than 2 properties and thus are in the top 5% of property investors in Australia. With our market-renowned Property strategies, we assist clients in creating a real estate business out of property investing by transitioning from a First-time investor to an Experienced or high net-worth investor.

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