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About The Author

Moxin Reza, known as Moss, moved to Australia when he was 18 and currently calls Melbourne home, although through his work he has lived in many parts of Australia.

He describes himself as a son, husband, father, property mentor, serial investor, and data scientist. He is also the founder and CEO of Investor Partner Group, where the stated mission is to create wealth through property investment without sacrificing lifestyle.

As a Property Coach and Investment Property Adviser, Moss has assisted over 10,000 people to achieve their property dreams, been featured in media outlets including ABC News, news.com.au, 7news, The Property Tribune, and Australian Property Investor Magazine (API magazine). He runs his own podcast ‘Helpmebuy Property Podcast’ and has co-hosted and been a regular presenter on the Pizza & Property podcast, which was created to bring quality property information in a fun and friendly way to Australians. He was recently invited to join the Forbes Business Council, a prestigious organisation for successful business leaders and entrepreneurs where membership is by invitation only.

Moss is a self-confessed data nerd and a proud Australian who went from doing three jobs to developing properties valued at over $50 million in less than 7 years. Along the way, he married his beautiful and supportive wife and learnt the importance of work/life balance on the journey to financial independence and freedom.

His experience in property investment and commitment to working with everyday Australians to enable them to achieve financial independence and freedom was the impetus behind this book. Moss is passionate about assisting investors to move from mediocre investing to high-net worth investing.

Moss has worked with top entrepreneurs including Vinh Giang, Sam Wylie, and Jay Piggins and in the year 2021-2022 alone has assisted property investors around Australia generate over $20 million of equity and manufactured growth and profits.

In addition to his desire to assist everyday Australians achieve financial independence through property investment, Moss is also passionate about assisting gifted children to access the opportunity to grow and excel without being held back by financial limitations. To this end he currently contributes to two community organisations who provide support to gifted children who would not otherwise can realise their abilities. His long-term aim is to establish a school where gifted children can thrive, irrespective of their financial background.

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