What preparations should I make for the upcoming call?

Watch the video to familiarize yourself with our identity, purpose, and activities. Ensure you are in a quiet environment with minimal distractions to fully concentrate during the call. Be open-minded and prepared to address changes and queries. Anticipate numerous questions as they assist us in tailoring our solutions to meet your needs. Reflect on aspects such as your estimated borrowing capacity, savings, and goals before the discussion begins.

Who will conduct the call?

The call will be facilitated by one of our seasoned consultants with expertise in guiding individuals through the discovery process. They possess substantial experience in understanding your goals and the path you aim to take, enabling them to assist you in determining the most suitable next steps in your journey.

Is it the right time to make a purchase or should I wait?

The optimal time to invest in property was two decades ago, and the second-best time is now. Delaying comes with an opportunity cost, as every day of waiting means missing out on potential growth and rental yields that come with making the right property acquisition in the correct location at the opportune moment.

Can we commence the process if financing approval is pending?

Absolutely. Once you have clarity on your borrowing capacity, it is the ideal moment to begin. The pre-approval process can be accommodated as we collaborate.

How much initial capital is required to start?

We recommend having borrowing capacity, sufficient savings, and/or equity equivalent to a minimum of $75,000. While this amount is not required upfront, it serves as a suggested starting point to initiate the process.


Is it possible to make a purchase through an SMSF?

It is advisable to seek specific guidance from your accountant to determine whether acquiring property within a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) aligns with your financial strategy. If it proves to be a suitable option, we can help identify the right property that fits your requirements.

What is the typical price range for the properties you acquire?

We procure properties ranging from $200,000 to $1 million, taking into account your personalized strategy, goals, and the number of properties you aim to include in your portfolio.

Should properties be acquired through a trust, and what are the associated costs?

Depending on individual circumstances, we may assist clients in purchasing properties through trusts. However, we do not offer advice on specific decisions and recommend consulting a trusted accountant for personalized guidance. We can provide insights and connect you with the appropriate professional for further consultation.

Is it possible to purchase two houses simultaneously if a bank approves a $1 million loan?

Certainly, the feasibility of this depends on your unique situation and the overarching goals you intend to achieve

How do you address bank serviceability issues?

We navigate serviceability challenges by sourcing properties with substantial growth and attractive yields. Additionally, we collaborate with investment-focused brokers who work alongside property outcomes to overcome serviceability obstacles.

Do you ever suggest higher-priced properties?

Our property sourcing encompasses a range from $200,000 to $1 million, and we typically do not recommend properties exceeding this threshold.

Why are your fees paid upfront?

Our fees are not tied to the property’s cost but rather cover the extensive work conducted in the early stages of the process before presenting properties. The upfront payment supports the cutting-edge data and personalized service you receive, ensuring confidence that we are securing the optimal investment for you, saving both money and time by avoiding mistakes.


What is the timeframe from the discovery call?

Upon qualification to work with us, the subsequent step involves a 45-minute Strategy Session with one of our advisors. Following this, the overall process takes between 8 to 14 weeks from enrollment to settlement, contingent upon your specific criteria, goals, and strategic brief

How long does it take to secure a property?

The process of securing a property typically spans 8 to 14 weeks after commencing our collaborative efforts to identify a property that aligns with your strategic brief.

Do you recommend professionals such as accountants, brokers, property managers, lawyers, and tax agents?

Certainly, we provide recommendations for all these essential partners. As part of our comprehensive service, we take the initiative to assemble the right team for you and your property, streamlining the administrative process for a seamless experience.

What if I don’t like the presented property?

Our meticulous planning and understanding of your needs at the outset significantly reduce the likelihood of dissatisfaction. Through a comprehensive Strategic Brief, we maintain clarity on the desired outcomes and only present properties that align. With a thorough evaluation process involving approximately 60 properties before presenting the final selection, our commitment ensures your satisfaction.

Who guides me/us through this process?

You will be assigned a dedicated client success manager who will actively engage with you throughout the entire process. Additionally, a property acquisition manager, aligned with your Strategic Brief, will be tasked with sourcing the property on your behalf.

Why should I choose IPG over other options, given overall market performance?

Contrary to the perception that everywhere has performed well, our results are not solely dependent on general market trends. Our success stems from identifying opportunities irrespective of prevailing conditions. As Property Portfolio Partners, we distinguish ourselves from buyer’s agents by offering an end-to-end solution, consolidating 40+ steps into a single contact point, supported by extensive research, data science, and analysis

Can I engage with other agencies or is there an exclusivity clause?

You are free to work with others and acquire additional properties. Exclusivity is only requested if you intend to purchase a single property to optimize time and efforts effectively.

How does IPG generate revenue?

Our revenue is derived from charging a transparent fee with no hidden costs, partner kickbacks, or affiliate bonuses. We maintain complete transparency regarding our fees.

Are property inspections conducted by partners on the ground?

Yes, we have on-the-ground agents who assess properties and provide detailed reports, eliminating the need for you to conduct inspections, including building and pest evaluations.

Do you address potential insurance issues in flood or fire-prone locations?

To mitigate insurance concerns, we thoroughly review flood and fire zones, excluding properties in these locations from our recommendations. Obtaining insurance estimates is part of our due diligence.

Do you consider repair or renovation costs?

Minor renovations that may be required for selected properties are taken into account during our selection process.

How frequently do you review client portfolios and report results?

Every six months, we conduct comprehensive reviews, obtaining property values for each client and providing detailed reports to keep them informed.


What are the typical outcomes you achieve?

While each client and property vary, on average, we see a 67% return on investment (ROI) in the first year, a 15% growth, and an average yield of 6.4%.

How will an increase in interest rates impact my results?

Regardless of fluctuations in interest rates or the broader market, we believe there is always an opportunity. In some cases, a rise in interest rates might lead to better outcomes as more buyers are attracted to the most affordable market segments.

Have you encountered properties that did not perform well?

None of our clients’ properties have yielded negative results.

What percentage of properties purchased for clients had negative ROI?

None of the properties acquired for our clients have resulted in negative ROI.

What steps do you take if a client's properties fall short of growth targets?

Our approach involves setting clear and transparent expectations from the outset. To date, all our properties have met clients’ expectations and goals successfully.

Is it possible to purchase two houses simultaneously with a bank-approved loan of $1 million?

Yes, this is feasible, but the viability depends on your unique circumstances and overall goals.

How do you address bank serviceability issues?

We overcome serviceability challenges by selecting properties with substantial growth and excellent yield. Additionally, we collaborate with a broker focused on investment who aligns their services with our clients’ property objectives.

Do you ever recommend higher-priced properties?

Our property recommendations typically range from $200k to $1 million, and we usually do not suggest properties exceeding that range.

What does "cashflow positive" signify?

“Cashflow positive” denotes that the rental income covers all the expenses associated with the property.


How do you gather insights into potential hotspots?

We utilize our proprietary technology, monitoring over 4 million variables monthly.

How do you determine the best suburbs and properties?

We rely on extensive data analysis, examining over 4 million variables to pinpoint the ideal suburb entry points accurately. Our proprietary technology aids in identifying the best market opportunities.

Where do you typically make property purchases?

Our purchasing decisions are guided by our data and research. While our search spans Australia, only a select number of suburbs meeting IPG criteria at any given time are considered. Many of these are situated in major regional areas nationwide.

Do you exclusively acquire properties in rural areas?

Typically, our focus is on regional areas and specific cities, rather than rural locations. However, the choice depends on the property’s suitability for individual goals, considering factors such as time, place, and property type.

Can you find subdividable properties?

While we can source subdividable properties, it isn’t our primary strategy. Our focus is on growth opportunities that align with your goals over time, directing attention to properties facilitating your desired results.

Why do you prefer established homes over new builds?

New builds carry inherent unpredictability and fewer growth opportunities. Hence, our preference is to work with established homes in established suburbs with available land.

Can you acquire off-market and under-market properties?

Through on-the-ground relationships in areas poised for growth, we can acquire off-market and under-market properties whenever feasible.

Is it advisable to acquire multiple properties or just one?

Our goal is to help clients build prolific, profitable property portfolios, emphasizing the advantages of multiple properties for maximizing growth opportunities. However, the approach depends on individual circumstances and goals.

Is it possible to purchase five properties in five years?

Achieving this is feasible, depending on your specific circumstances. Some clients have successfully acquired five houses in as little as 14 months.

How do you assist clients in buying multiple properties and growing their portfolios?

Our standard model involves securing positively cash-flowing properties in high-performing areas. As these properties appreciate, clients can leverage equity from the first to support subsequent purchases, expediting portfolio growth.

How do you approach clients seeking to buy multiple properties concurrently?

Our approach is strategic, tailored to individual goals and circumstances. Typically, we start by purchasing one property swiftly followed by the second, allowing properties to synergize for a robust portfolio.

Is location the sole determining factor?

While location is crucial, we consider various factors in our property investment strategy, incorporating our world-first technology and data insights for precise decision-making.

How important are socioeconomic aspects in your property search?

While socioeconomic aspects are vital, they represent one facet of our extensive research. We analyze over 4 million variables and leverage proprietary technology to identify opportune suburbs accurately.

Do clients buy houses without inspecting them?

Nearly all our clients, 99.9%, purchase properties without a physical inspection. We have on-the-ground agents who assess and report on properties, eliminating the need for personal inspections.

Do you provide an exit strategy, and do you assist in selling properties?

We guide strategic exit decisions but do not handle property sales. Our predictive capacity for specific suburbs allows us to advise clients on optimal moves when market shifts occur.

What about strategies for elderly adults with limited working life horizon?

For clients approaching retirement, we tailor specific strategies to yield results swiftly. Our focus on properties with high growth and yield aims to deliver significant outcomes within a short timeframe.