A ‘different’ way to get started in property investment

and avoid being locked out of the market for good
Do you want to get into the property market with your first home but…
  • You don’t have the borrowing capacity to buy where you’d really like to live, and you’d prefer not to move to a less desirable suburb just to get into the market?
  • You do not want your First home owner benefits to disappear
  • Your dream suburb (for living) doesn’t seem to have the growth potential or cashflow opportunities of other areas (and if you’re going to put your money into property, you want the biggest bang for your buck).
  • You want the benefits of positive cashflow, capital growth and tax savings that an investment property can give.

With IP Group there’s a way to stay living where you are (or move somewhere even better), and still get into the market with a property that can pay for itself, may grow in value, and subject to your situation it may provide tax advantages. Plus you can still cash on your First home owner grant later when you actually buy a Principal place of residence!! This can be a great way to get into the market with y our first property without breaking your bank.

This can be a great way to get into the market with your first property without breaking your bank.

First Home Buyer
House key

Surprising Benefits of ‘Rentvesting or Dual key Access Properties’ Through IP Group

IP Group helps first home buyers get their foot in the property market and reap the same rewards of property through investing or acquiring/building a dual access property.

Rentvesting with IP Group allows you to…

  • Stay living in the suburb (and even the house) you love (or move somewhere even better).
  • Get into the marketimmediately with an affordable property that meets your borrowing capacity (no need to move to a less desirable suburb).
  • Get your first property with the aim to avoid ongoing out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Grow your wealth with high-performing capital growth opportunities.
  • Live in a property that generates income at the same time.

This can be a great way to get into the market with your first property without the major sacrifices in your current lifestyle.

How Investor Partner Group Helps First
Home Buyer

We act as your buyers agents to find and secure positive cashflow property that suits your budget.

And through our network of trusted professionals, we can help you with every step of the way from finance through to property management.

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Why should you let us help you
on your property journey?

While many companies promote themselves as a ‘Buyers Agency’ or ‘Buyers Agent’, very few offer a truly independent, fully transparent service. Majority of the buyers agents are sales agents selling off the plan properties or selling sub-optimal properties. You will hear quite often “we will help you find cashflow positive properties”. In the market where interest rates are this low, we believe that is just a poor value proposition. We pride ourselves in differentiating ourselves from them. Here is a brief analysis of what makes us stand out

Your Success, We Feel Proud

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