The real ‘secret’ to property investment success?

As a high net worth property investor, you already know your job is not that of a ‘technical specialist’ but more of a ·conductor’ who orchestrates a team of experts to fulfil your goals. As Steve Jobs put it, “Great things (in business) are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

The challenge is finding the right team of trusted advisors and action takers to help you leverage your time and resources.

Choosing the right team can help you grow even more wealth – faster. However, choosing the wrong team could be a costly disaster that jeopardises everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


How Investor Partner Group helps high net worth investors

Investor Partner Group is a team of skilled and experienced experts in all disciplines of property investment to help high net worth investors find and secure investment properties that produce passive income. Our Directors and partners are tax and business experts, property developers, builders, project and construction mangers and investment property advisors.

We aim to grow your wealth faster by inviting you to property development where we can successfully achieve up to 35% margins and return of investment.

We’re active investors too.

Unlike other so-called experts who are merely salespeople disguised as professional services providers, we are active investors ourselves, with real money in the market and on the line.

We’re not interested in the commissions and kickbacks other companies receive. We are into active property developments ourselves and we have specialist knowledge to help you take that journey with us.

We search for the truth – up-to-date data, accurate information, and specialist knowledge to help us and our investors with the objective to achieve maximum return in minimum time.

Why should you let us help you
on your property journey?

While many companies promote themselves as a ‘Buyers Agency’ or ‘Buyers Agents’, very few offer a truly independent, fully transparent service. Majority of the buyers agents are sales agents selling off the plan properties or selling sub-optimal properties. You will hear quite often “we will help you find cashflow positive properties”. In the market where interest rates are this low, we believe that is just a poor value proposition. We pride ourselves in differentiating ourselves from them. Here is a brief analysis of what makes us stand out

Your Success, We Feel Proud

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