A High-Yield Gem Acquired in Maddington, WA

Purchase Price
Land Size
750 sqm

Our latest addition to the IPG family, a smart investor has unlocked the full potential of a property investment in Maddington, Western Australia. Let’s explore the remarkable details of this investment that’s currently making waves in the world of real estate.
Our prestigious client, Abu Sohel’s profile was significantly maxed out due to his investment in development properties, many of which were significantly negatively geared, offering little profitability considering the escalating building costs.
When IPG came into the picture, we maneuvered the main focus to injecting substantial cash flow into the portfolio. Their first investment property, boasting an impressive 7% yield, was successfully acquired. What’s more, they’re already eyeing a second property, a brilliant opportunity priced under $700,000, with the potential to add an additional 10% yield to Abu’s property portfolio. This journey has allowed our client and his family to secure a brighter financial future while maintaining their current lifestyle.
This property isn’t just a standard rental; it’s a strategic investment that presents the incredible opportunity to elevate your yield beyond 8.5%. How? By converting it into a dual-income property, featuring a spacious 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit and a self-contained 1-bedroom unit.
Location that Counts:
Situated just 15 kilometers from the bustling heart of Perth’s CBD, this property offers the perfect blend of suburban tranquility and city convenience. It’s more than just a property; it’s a lifestyle. Within walking distance, a picturesque lake, a playground for the kids, primary and secondary schools, beautiful parks, and not one, but two shopping centers.
Moreover, this property is located within a growth corridor that’s currently booming at an impressive rate, making it a prime spot for real estate investment.
Unlocking a Growth Corridor:
Let’s dive into the data. The demand-supply ratio in this area is an astounding 58, indicating that demand significantly outstrips supply. The average number of days properties stay on the market has dropped to just 52, down from 79 days previously. The available stock on the market is less than 1.13%, further emphasizing the demand. Approximately 29% of residents are renters, contributing to the consistent demand for rental properties. The vacancy rate is astonishingly low, standing at under 0.17%, making this location even more appealing for investors.
This property is more than just an investment; it’s an opportunity to secure your financial future while enjoying substantial cash flow and the potential for remarkable growth.