A Property Investment to last generations in Thornlie, WA

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
708 sqm

The remarkable journey of our client, Shariff, who made a strategic move in this competitive real estate market. Shariff’s investment story is a testament to the power of expert guidance and strategic thinking in the realm of property investment. Let’s delve into the specifics of this remarkable opportunity.

It’s not just a property; it’s a golden opportunity to transform your investment journey. With an acquisition price of $400,000, this property offers a spacious 708 sqm land, along with the potential to introduce a granny flat at the rear. Shariff’s investment is strategically located within a suburb where the median property price is $470,000.

Shariff represents an ambitious, young family of three with a beautiful child. They may not be high rollers or high-income earners, but they’re a family in their late thirties with a keen focus on making the right decisions to get ahead in the property investment game. Their journey began with the acquisition of two properties, both of which exhibited growth but were eating into their cash flow at an unsustainable rate. The existing portfolio lacked proper structure, making it inherently unscalable. In fact, despite having access to equity, they were unable to invest in a single property. Our initial conversation opened the door to a more efficient and sustainable structure. This strategic shift enabled them to acquire two properties in just six months. The first property brought them a surplus of $70,000, offering them the cash required to invest in the next opportunity.

Situated just 15 kilometers from the vibrant heart of Perth’s CBD, this property offers the perfect blend of suburban serenity and city accessibility. It’s a location that transcends standard investment expectations. Within walking distance, you’ll discover a picturesque lake, a playground that’s ideal for the kids, both primary and secondary schools, beautiful parks, and not one, but two bustling shopping centers, and a train station is just a 5-minute drive away. And it’s essential to note that this property is strategically located within a 100% growth corridor, where your investment has the potential to flourish.

Spotlight on the Growth Corridor:

The data paints a compelling picture of this location’s potential. The demand-supply ratio stands at a remarkable 61, signaling that demand significantly surpasses supply. On average, properties in this area spend fewer than 40 days on the market, a considerable drop from 66 days in the past. The available stock on the market is less than 0.55%, underlining the heightened demand for properties. Approximately 21.8% of residents are renters, reinforcing the consistent demand for rental properties. With a vacancy rate of under 0.31%, this location has become an even more attractive option for investors. This property is more than a mere investment; it’s an opportunity to accelerate the financial journey of our client.