A Remarkable Strategic Shift: From Solo Developer to Savvy Investor

Purchase Price

Meet our amazing client, a high-income professional with an acumen of financial investments. She initially started her property investment journey three years ago which turned out to be unprofitable straight. She modified her investing strategies in collaboration with our experts after realizing the need to maintain a balance between her lifestyle and wealth.

Thankfully, she followed our suggestions to diversify through SMSF investments and dependable cash flow properties as she moved away from direct investments. Her first purchase from SMSF of $516.5k was the start of a life-changing adventure.

Our client’s portfolio, now provides a solid basis for her early retirement plans, with two more high-yield properties producing large passive income and a profitable partnership in development promising significant profits.

Prime Location:

Purchased at $516.5k, this 631 sqm corner lot offers a promising yield of 6.0% with a rental income of $600 per week.  With a beautiful 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the property is yet an eye-catcher to set and forget strategy within SMSF and presents potential for subdivision into two lots—a tantalizing opportunity for future growth.

Situated 5km from Major city Centre and 25km from Perth CBD.

Proximity to Amenities: Find bliss by the beach, joy in playgrounds, education in schools, serenity in parks, and convenience in shopping centers by just stepping away.

Connectivity: 2 minutes-drive to the train station with easy access to the city via direct access through 2 major roads.

The Growth Corridor:

High Demand: A demand-supply ratio of 58 indicates strong demand, with more buyers than available properties.

Quick Sales: Properties here spend less than 31 days on the market, down from 64 days previously.

Limited Supply: Stock on the market is less than 0.92%.

Rental Appeal: Renters make up 27% of the population, with a vacancy rate under 0.15%.

If Catherine’s amazing story touches your soul and makes you yearn for your own route to financial independence.

It’s time to take that risk!

Our team is here to support you in every step of the journey, whether you’re at a crossroads of uncertainty or long to revitalize your investment portfolio.

Keep pushing the boundaries of your investments, and let us help you take you there.