A Strategic Leap into Property Investment – Bold Steps to Financial Growth

Purchase Price

Another client, coming from a family of dedicated clients, approached us, he was already familiar with the advantages of wise property investments. Despite his wife not being employed and the presence of young children, they had managed to pay off their initial home. However, the equity was sitting idle, neither generating wealth nor cash flow. Our collaboration with Debesh involved crafting a strategy to multiply his property portfolio and establish a robust passive income stream.

Currently valued at over $550,000, his investment has grown by 17%—a stellar 180% cash on cash return. Encouraged by this success, we are already planning the acquisition of his second property within two months as part of our strategic portfolio review

Prime Location:

Purchased 472.5K with 683sqm land lot offers a promising yield of 6.0% with a rental income of $550 per week.

Located in 12 km from Perth CBD.

Accessibility to features: It’s within walking distance of essential amenities such as parks, a major shopping center, a hospital, and a train station, ensuring high liveability and appeal.

With potential for conversion into a dual-income property, it promises over $800 per week in future rental earnings.

Connectivity:  Easy access to city via direct access through 2 major roads which is 5 mins drive from the place.

The Growth Corridor:

Demand Supply Ratio: A compelling ratio of 60 highlights the substantial demand over available supply.

Days on Market: An average of 64 days on the market yields a quick turnover.

Stock on Market: At just 0.77%, indicating scarce availability.

Rental Appeal: With 36.7% renters and a vacancy rate of only 0.20%, the rental market is exceptionally robust.

Is building a robust property portfolio your goal? We’re here to help!

If our client’s journey inspires you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether you’re taking your first steps in property investment or looking to expand your investment portfolio. Our tailored strategies can boost you towards significant generational wealth.

Don’t be part of the 95% who stagnate; strategize and succeed with us.