A Strategic Way of Seizing Opportunity in a Hot Market like Perth

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A Strategic Investment in Metro Perth

It’s the vision that helps you win in the long run. Anyone can invest and enter the real estate market but the person who is visionary and has a goal set in mind with reference to the future is the one which goes all the way.

Luke, a young 27-year-old tradie, came to us to start his property investment journey. His vision is commendable. He wanted to capture short-term growth and explore relocation possibilities in Perth. Despite initial setbacks, Luke’s perseverance and our expert guidance culminated in a stellar investment opportunity.

Luke’s journey was not without its challenges. Despite initial attempts with a friend’s assistance, Luke faced two months of fruitless searching in this competitive market. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, Luke turned to us, and the results speak for themselves.

While our initial focus had already delivered a 15% growth, we identified another growth pocket, achieving a staggering 21% growth in less than three months with Luke’s investment.

Prime Location:

Luke’s property at 5 Tweed Close is more than just a piece of real estate—it’s a growth-driven investment. Acquired for $480k, this expansive 700 sqm land offers subdivision potential into two lots, with a valuation skyrocketing to $585k, marking a remarkable 21% growth in less than three months.

With a weekly rental income of $550, Luke enjoys a robust yield of 5.96%. Moreover, the property’s potential for conversion into a dual-income property could elevate the yield to an impressive 8%.

The Growth Corridor

High Demand: A demand-supply ratio of 57 indicates strong demand, with more buyers than available properties.

Quick Sales: Properties here spend less than 28 days on the market, down from 78 days previously.

Limited Supply: Stock on the market is less than 0.65%.

Rental Appeal: Renters make up 26% of the population, with a vacancy rate under 0.75%.


Ready to Unlock Your Property Potential?

If Luke’s success story resonates with your aspirations for building wealth through strategic property investment, let’s connect. Together, we can navigate the market’s complexities and identify your next winning investment opportunity.