An Exceptional Journey Of Property Acquisition For A First-Time Investor

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
801 sqm

An exceptional property acquisition at 21 Lillypilly Avenue, Gracemere, QLD 4702 by one of our dearest clients. This property acquisition is actually a testament to how we assist our clients to accomplish this in a dynamic high-inflation environment!

This property is nestled in a homeowner-occupied neighborhood, offering stability and potential for growth. The other properties in the same locality are being sold at a higher price constituting a strong bank valuation validating the investment. Notably, the property sits on a spacious 801 sqm corner lot, ripe with potential for future subdivision, adding to its long-term value.

Its prime location places it just 5 minutes away from schools, a golf club, hospitals, childcare facilities, and places of worship. Additionally, a major shopping center is a mere 3-minute drive away.
Our client, Kevin, faced the common challenges of a first-time investor. With limited initial savings of $30,000 and an annual income of approximately $80,000, he was eager to enter the property market promptly while maintaining a conservative acquisition cost. In his late twenties, Kevin was committed to building his investment portfolio wisely.

We assisted Kevin in crafting a savings strategy, helping him accumulate the required $60,000 deposit within a mere 3 months to secure his first property. Furthermore, we devised a property acquisition plan that aimed to transform his $30,000 savings into a passive income exceeding $200,000 within 7 years. With a focus on cash flow and growth in the foundational stages of property investment, Kevin has already witnessed impressive equity growth, amassing a 16.67% increase in his equity, setting the stage for his second property acquisition.

Here’s why we believe this property is situated in a burgeoning growth corridor, backed by compelling data:
• Demand surpasses supply with a demand-supply ratio of 57, indicating high desirability.
• The property spends minimal time on the market, with days on the market reduced from 128 to under 47 days.
• A low stock-on-market percentage of less than 1.3% signifies limited competition.
• The proportion of renters stands at 36.2%, highlighting strong rental demand.
• A vacancy rate under 0.72% and declining further underscores the property’s attractiveness to tenants.

The acquisition of this exceptional property in the thriving growth corridor exemplifies a wise investment move. Our esteemed client has not only harnessed the potential for substantial capital appreciation but has also crafted a strategy to enhance yields significantly, thereby securing their financial well-being.
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