Consistency led attainment of dream property in SA

If you want to unlock full potential of real estate world then the key is to be consistent. Our client Yash is a true example of commitment and patience which landed him his dream property enabling him to start a journey towards financial prosperity with full galore.

Yash, a driven 27-year-old investor, draws inspiration from his father—an astute investor who understands the enduring value of properties with development potential. Through comprehensive strategy sessions, Yash and his father chart a course towards financial prosperity, leveraging sophisticated financial modelling tools to craft a tailored investment strategy aligned with their long-term goals. With a clear vision for the future, Yash sets his sights on early retirement, propelled by a robust portfolio that promises $150,000 in passive income by the age of 40—a testament to his unwavering commitment to financial freedom.

Prime Location:

Our client Yash’s journey begins with the acquisition of 135 Elizabeth Road—a promising property situated in the vibrant heart of Morphett Vale, South Australia. Priced competitively at $491,000, this property encompasses a spacious 754 square meters of corner land, presenting an ideal canvas for the development of three townhouses—a strategic move that amplifies the investment’s potential for substantial returns.

The location is just 18 kilometers from the bustling Adelaide CBD, and enjoys proximity to an array of lifestyle amenities and conveniences. With walking distance to lakes, playgrounds, schools, parks, and shopping centers, residents can relish in a vibrant community atmosphere while enjoying easy access to essential services and recreational facilities. Additionally, the property’s close proximity to the train station ensures seamless connectivity to the city and beyond, further enhancing its allure.


Growth Corridor:

Morphett Vale emerges as a flourishing growth corridor, characterized by strong demand, limited supply, and favorable market conditions. With a demand-supply ratio of 62 and a vacancy rate under 0.23%, Morphett Vale presents an enticing investment landscape ripe with opportunities for ambitious investors like Yash to capitalize on the region’s growth potential and unlock substantial returns on investment.

We hope that this amazing acquisition will aspire other investors who are seeking to navigate the complex terrain of property investment with confidence and clarity.

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