Foresight & Ambition helped Acquiring prime property in Aberfoyle Park

Purchase Price

Foresight can be very helpful when it comes to truly recognizing the hidden potential of attaining a successful property portfolio. It is your foresight that helps you make timely and right decisions which can help you enjoy fruits and end results in the longer run.

Our client Dev—an astute investor whose journey truly defines foresight, ambition, and a commitment to unlocking the hidden potential of real estate.

As a savvy small business owner running a successful hairdressing salon, Dev soght to leverage his business’s cash flow to create wealth through property investment. However, accessing financing from traditional banks posed a significant challenge—a common hurdle faced by many entrepreneurs. Through our strategic planning and meticulous financial structuring, his investment strategy was carefully crafted to align with his business goals, ensuring access to the necessary capital to fuel his property investment endeavors.

Prime location:

Our client’s journey begins with the acquisition of 34 Serenade Crescent—a prime parcel of land in the thriving suburb of Aberfoyle Park, South Australia. Priced at an attractive $555,000, this property boasts a spacious 600 square meters of land, offering immense potential for subdivision and development. Situated in a high-density zone, the property presents a unique opportunity to construct three townhouses, catering to the growing demand for modern, urban living spaces.

The location is strategically positioned just 16 kilometers from the bustling Adelaide CBD, 34 Serenade Crescent enjoys proximity to a myriad of lifestyle amenities and conveniences. Within walking distance of major shopping centers, schools, and expansive parks, the property offers residents unparalleled convenience and connectivity—a sought-after feature in today’s fast-paced urban landscape.

Seizing Growth Corridor:

Aberfoyle Park emerges as a thriving growth corridor, characterized by strong demand, limited supply, and favorable market dynamics. With a demand-supply ratio of 63 and a vacancy rate under 0.14%, Aberfoyle Park presents an attractive investment landscape ripe with opportunities for savvy investors like Dev to capitalize on the region’s growth potential and unlock substantial returns on investment.

If you have a foresight for wealth creation and long-term prosperity, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey towards financial empowerment. Reach out today, and let’s start a transformative journey together.