Instant Equity Uplift of $116k and Growth in Morphet Vale

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
668 sqm

Timing is crucial as it often determines the success or failure of an action. Don’t you agree?

Have you thought about the concept of making the right decision at the right time and its significance in various aspects of life?

In the bustling metro area of Adelaide, our client seized an exceptional opportunity that showcases her strategic approach and commitment to maximizing returns.

Amidst the heat of the Australian property market, Ruvina, a talented mortgage broker, set her sights on securing a lucrative investment for her partner, a lawyer with a keen eye for opportunities. Our team embarked on a comprehensive portfolio assessment, gaining valuable insights into their aspirations and wealth-building goals. Recognizing Ruvina’s astute investor mindset and her partner’s cautious approach, we set out to find a property that balanced aggressive growth potential with risk mitigation.

And then, an extraordinary property emerged on the scene—51 Allinga Rd, Morphet Vale—an opportunity that ignited Ruvina’s excitement. Located in the heart of Metro Adelaide, this property became a beacon of potential. Boasting a purchase price of $405k, it encompassed 668 sqm of prime land, complete with an existing tenancy generating a weekly rental income of $380. A savvy investor like Ruvina could easily see the untapped potential.

After careful evaluation, we proposed a $20k renovation plan to enhance the property’s value and increase rental income to a projected $450 per week. With an impressive yield of 5.8%, the property showcased its potential for solid cash flow. Ruvina’s negotiating skills proved invaluable as we secured the property for a fantastic price of $405k.

But the story doesn’t end there. A comprehensive bank valuation revealed a remarkable surprise— the property’s value soared to $550k, releasing an instant equity uplift of $116k. This astonishing growth of 28% from the acquisition price exemplified Ruvina’s shrewd investment choices.

Beyond the impressive growth, the property held even more promise. Its desirable Torrens title and expansive land size presented an opportunity for a two-property development site. Comparable properties in the area currently command prices of $530k, while brand new properties fetch up to $650k. With its location just 21 km from the CBD and a mere 6 minutes from the beach, the property boasted an enviable position. Moreover, its proximity to primary and secondary schools, childcare facilities, and a church further added to its appeal.

To solidify the growth potential of this investment, let’s examine some compelling data:

A demand-supply ratio of 78, indicating strong demand surpassing available supply.

Days on the market reduced to an impressive 27, down from a previous 102.

Stock on the market remains less than 0.51%, highlighting its desirability.

Renters constitute 25% of the local population, underscoring the demand for rental properties.

Online search interest exceeds 920 and continues to rise, indicating growing interest in the area.

The vacancy rate stands at under 0.2% and shows a steady decline.

Ruvina’s investment triumph serves as an inspiration to passionate property investors seeking exceptional growth opportunities. If you share her enthusiasm and drive, we invite you to connect with us and explore the world of property investment together. Stay tuned for more exciting purchases as we continue to make waves in the market.