Introducing The Crown Jewel of Our Recent Acquisitions

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
737 sqm.

At HelpMeBuy, we take great pride in helping our clients achieve extraordinary results in the competitive world of property investment. Once again, we have surpassed expectations with a phenomenal acquisition that exemplifies our commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes.   

Located in the bustling metro area of Adelaide, our latest success story unfolds with a property purchase that showcases the synergy between our client’s aspirations and our strategic expertise. With a keen eye for lucrative opportunities, our client set their sights on a property that would not only generate strong returns but also hold tremendous growth potential. 

A property in Metro Adelaide with unparalleled prospects. With a purchase price of $448k, this remarkable asset sits on an impressive 737 sqm of land, offering ample room for development. Zoned for high density, the property represents a three-unit site, opening the doors to multiple revenue streams and increased profitability. 

What sets this investment apart is not only its potential for impressive growth but also its current rental income of $460 per week, yielding an attractive 5.4%. This exceptional return highlights the property’s ability to generate consistent cash flow, ensuring stability while capitalizing on future potential.  

Furthermore, the property’s versatility allows for the creation of three individual properties, maximizing value and expanding investment opportunities. Comparable properties in the area are commanding prices as high as $530k, solidifying the exceptional value our client has secured. 

Beyond its inherent profitability, this property boasts an enviable location within a mere 22km radius of the CBD and a short 6-minute drive to the beach. Situated in close proximity to reputable primary and secondary schools, a thriving football club, and a delightful park, it offers the perfect balance of convenience and family-friendly amenities. Moreover, the convenience of a 2-minute drive to the train station ensures excellent connectivity for residents. 

The significance of this investment is further reinforced by its position within a growth corridor. Let’s delve into the compelling data that highlights the immense potential:  

  • A remarkable demand-supply ratio of 62 indicates a strong market demand that surpasses the available supply, creating a favorable environment for growth and appreciation. 
  • The property’s days on the market have been reduced to an impressive 46, showcasing its desirability and the swift response from eager buyers. 
  • With a stock on the market of less than 0.53%, this property stands out as an exclusive and sought-after asset, appealing to discerning investors. 
  • The substantial proportion of renters in the area, at 28%, solidifies the demand for rental properties and ensures a steady stream of potential tenants. 
  • The vacancy rate of under 0.34%, on a steady decline, reflects the strong market demand and the area’s popularity among tenants. 

At HelpMeBuy, our expertise and negotiating prowess are the driving forces behind our clients’ success. In this fiercely competitive market, we secured this exceptional property for $450k, negotiating a further $2k discount after a comprehensive building and pest inspection. Our ability to navigate multiple offers and secure the best outcome for our clients is a testament to our unwavering dedication. 

If you are a passionate property investor seeking outstanding growth opportunities, we invite you to explore the world of property investment with us. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey that propels your investment portfolio to new heights. 

Stay tuned for more exciting purchases as we continue to make waves in the market and redefine what’s possible in the realm of property investment.