Our latest Acquisition – A Beacon of Success in Alexandra Hills

Purchase Price

A triumphant acquisition that comes after days of strategic planning must be celebrated. We helped our client Natalie Chu with one such property acquisition in Alexandra Hills, and the celebrations are a must.

This property is located in the thriving suburbs of Alexandra Hills which is yet another hot market of Australia.

Our client Natalie Chu was accompanied by her family of three when she connected with us. For Natalie and her family, the pursuit of financial prosperity is mandatory and goes hand in hand with their lifestyle.

With the guidance of our strategic planning, we formulated a path that not only helped our client secure passive income and wealth accumulation but also paved the way for their dream home in Malvern—achievable within six years without compromising their lifestyle.

 Prime Location:

The acquisition of 32 Hailsham Street is indeed a hidden gem nestled in the vibrant heart of Alexandra Hills, just 19 kilometers from Brisbane city center. Priced at $625,000, this property spans over 696 square meters of land, presenting the perfect canvas for future development. With its proximity to essential amenities and strategic location, this was a property that cannot be let go off.

 Growth Corridor:

The allure of Alexandra Hills lies in its status as a thriving growth corridor, characterized by robust demand, limited supply, and promising prospects for capital appreciation. With a demand-supply ratio of 60 and a vacancy rate of just 0.13%, Alexandra Hills emerges as a hotspot for property investment—an ideal landscape for investors seeking long-term growth and income generation.

The market price and the yield rate are a dream combination in this property acquisition. If you are also looking for such property, you can always tap us up and we can formulate a plan for your financial prosperity.

Reach out today, and let’s get on an exciting adventure together. Until the next triumph, peace out!