An Off-Market Property Became the Next Development Project for This Client

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
919 sqm

Every time you invest in property, you take a step closer to an early and comfortable retirement. Our recent purchase for one of our amazing clients was to help him get his next development project without impacting his lifestyle. As his approval was close to expiry, it was a race against time to find something spectacular in a short time but we managed that within 2 weeks of onboarding him. 

This 919-square-meter property was part of a divorce and the agent wanted a quick settlement. We didn’t even let it get listed and got it approved 1 week after the contract was signed. On top of it, we also negotiated a higher rental return so that the vendor would have a choice to stay on rent for 12 months before the final settlement.

This was a great acquisition for our client, with its potential for redevelopment and rental value. With our understanding of the market and contacts, we were able to buy it well under market price, which will lead to higher returns.