How this Client Secured Her Dream Home with High Equity

Purchase Price
Est Value
over $630,000
Land Size
692 sqm.

We all long for a place to call home and the joy of finding the perfect place is unparalleled. Our recent acquisition is a 692 square meter house in a beach-side suburb in Adelaide, which is the future home of our client. Currently, in Alice Springs, our client wanted to secure a property that she could call home whenever she decides to move to Adelaide. 

The original price quoted was $610,000 but due to our negotiation skills and close relations with the agent, our client was able to buy this property for $560,000! The latest valuation in the area is over $630,000, giving our client an instant equity uplift of $70,000 and the property is still yet to settle! This indicates a 12.5% growth before its settlement.

The property is a DA-approved 2-lot subdivision and the brand-new houses can be sold individually from $640,000-$680,000.

Until our client decides to move into her picture-perfect new house, she can rent it out for $450/week. She will also have the option to subdivide the property to pay-off or extend in future.