Remarkable Success Amid High Inflation Dynamics in Metro Perth!

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
779 sqm.

Worrying about your property investment options in a dynamic market? Look no further! IPG has got you covered.

In the bustling metro area of Perth, our visionary client, who is just 10 years away from retirement, entrusted us to navigate the ever-changing property landscape.

Armed with our expertise, we embarked on a mission to secure their second property within a span of 8 months. Despite facing credit defaults and initial challenges, our client’s determination and our tailored financial strategies paved the way for their continued success.

What Makes It an Ideal Investment?

Situated in a coveted pocket predominantly occupied by homeowners, this property acquisition marked another triumph. With a strategic purchase price of $379k, this gem generated a secure tenancy of $510 per week, delivering an impressive yield of 7.04%. The current market value for similar properties stands at $440k, showcasing substantial growth potential in a mere 3 months.

A Haven of Opportunity

Spanning across a sprawling 779 sqm of land, this property holds immense potential. It’s generous size and unique features, including a 5m side entrance and ample space for a granny flat at the back, amplify the investment’s value. Located just 5 minutes away from schools, a golf club, hospitals, childcare facilities, and a church, it offers unrivaled convenience. Furthermore, a mere 3-minute drive leads to a major shopping center, adding to the property’s appeal.

Growth and Cashflow Strategies

Our client, still in the foundational stages of property investing, understands the significance of focusing on cash flow and growth. With an eye toward the future, we are already working on creating exit strategies, with a granny flat presenting an enticing possibility. These strategic moves ensure our client’s investment remains dynamic and adaptable to changing market conditions.

📈 A Thriving Growth Corridor

In a market often clouded with uncertainty, the numbers speak volumes about this investment’s potential:

📊 A demand-supply ratio of 57 signals a significant demand that surpasses available supply, highlighting the abundance of eager buyers.

📊 Days on the market reduced to under 47, a substantial improvement from the previous average of 128 days, showcasing the high desirability of properties in the area.

📊 Stock on the market remains under 1.3%, emphasizing the scarcity and increasing competition among buyers.

📊 Renters constitute 36.2% of the local population, underlining the high demand for rental properties, and ensuring a steady income stream.

📊 The vacancy rate stands at under 0.72% and continues to decline, further emphasizing the limited availability of rental properties.

If you’re a passionate property investor seeking to unlock the full potential of Metro Perth’s dynamic market, now is the time we connect. Let us guide you toward your next successful purchase, where growth and cash flow converge harmoniously. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today! 🔑