Smart Property Acquisition Success: Earning a 5.91% Yield in Gosnells, Washington

Purchase Price

Our client is an experienced entrepreneur and brand designer who has a keen eye for genuine chances. Initially, he had significant cash reserves but required assistance on how to utilize them properly to establish and expand the assets in his portfolio sustainably. Our continuous and effective conversations helped him comprehend our proposition for value, and his insightful questions created the groundwork for a long-lasting partnership – landed to the win-win situation for both. 

Prime Location: 

Purchased 440K with 700 sqm land lot offers a promising yield of 5.91% with a rental income of $500 per week.

Located in 17 km from (city name) CBD.

Accessibility to features: It’s within walking distance of essential amenities such as parks, a major shopping center, a hospital, and a train station, ensuring high liveability and appeal. 

Connectivity: The nearest train station is only a 5-minute drive away, and regular bus services are available within walking distance. The property has easy access to major roads and highways, facilitating smooth travel to the city and surrounding suburbs.

The Growth Corridor:

Demand Supply Ratio: A compelling ratio of 57 highlights the substantial demand over available supply.

Days on Market: An average of 48 days on the market yields a quick turnover.

Stock on Market: At just 0.45%, indicating scarce availability.

Rental Appeal: With 29% renters and a vacancy rate of only 0.45%, the rental market is exceptionally robust.

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