Strategic Reassessment Helped this Client Build A Successful Property Portfolio

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
602 sqm.

Amid the turbulence of the real estate market, we are thrilled to celebrate yet another triumph for one of our esteemed clients. This outstanding acquisition showcases the potential for lucrative investments even in a dynamic market! Secured at a remarkable $499,000, this 602sqm land is a mere 9km from the CBD, poised for transformation. 

Anchoring a solid 5.1% yield, this property is not just an asset; it’s a cashflow generator. With a weekly rental of $490, it marries growth with immediate returns. This property is ripe for transformation into a duplex, offering two homes that can command between $780,000 and $820,000 each—a golden opportunity.   

In a neighborhood where similar properties fetch $560,000, this acquisition is poised for appreciation. Situated within a 10km radius of the CBD and a mere 14 minutes from the beach, it’s a gem. A hub for family living, this property is flanked by schools, a football club, and parks. Shopping is a breeze with just a 2-minute drive, while the state’s premier school is within grasp. 

With a thirst for knowledge and data-driven insights, our client embarked on an investing journey, guided by industry leaders. Now onto their third investment, they’ve evolved from rookies to seasoned investors, dodging the serviceability trap. 

A demand-supply ratio of 59 signals soaring demand. Days on the market clock in under 51, holding steady for two years. Scarce stock at 0.81%, 27.5% renters, and a plummeting vacancy rate below 0.37% complete the compelling narrative.  

Poised in a flourishing growth corridor, this acquisition resonates with seasoned property enthusiasts who seek not just structures, but thriving assets. For passionate property investors, the stage is set. Let’s connect, discuss, and journey towards the next acquisition.