Successful Acquisition in Kenwick without Compromising Desired Lifestyle

Purchase Price

Determination never falls out. It is the core motivation that transforms a mere buyer into an investor. The journey can span overtime but the end result is always fruitful.

We connected with our client Alicia—a determined investor whose journey exemplifies foresight, resilience, and a commitment to financial freedom. Her determination led to a successful acquisition of a huge milestone in her financial prosperity journey.

Our client’s journey exemplifies the power of strategic planning in achieving financial independence. She had a keen focus on maximizing returns while minimizing risk, and she did this by leveraging the equity from her existing property to acquire this property, effectively harnessing the potential of leverage to propel her investment journey forward.

We helped her adopt a systematic approach to portfolio growth, and thankfully she is all poised to expand her property portfolio further, while maintaining her desired lifestyle and financial security. 

Prime Location:

Our client Alicia’s journey unfolds with the acquisition of 11 Avila Place—a beautiful property located in the vibrant enclave of Kenwick, Western Australia. Priced at a modest $383,000, this property boasts a generous 822 square meters of land, offering ample space for future development possibilities, including the potential for a granny flat at the back. With recent rezoning initiatives poised to enhance its development potential, 11 Avila Place emerges as a strategic investment opportunity primed for future growth.

It is strategically positioned just 14 kilometres from the bustling Perth CBD, and offers residents unparalleled convenience and connectivity. With parks, shopping centres, and the convenience of a nearby train station within walking distance, the property epitomizes modern suburban living at its finest—a haven for tenants seeking convenience and lifestyle amenities.

Unlocking Growth Corridor:

Kenwick emerges as a burgeoning growth corridor, characterized by strong demand, limited supply, and favourable market dynamics. With a demand-supply ratio of 58 and a vacancy rate under 0.37%, Kenwick presents an attractive investment landscape ripe with opportunities for savvy investors seeking to capitalize on the region’s growth potential.