The Dynamic Property Triumph in Metro Perth

Purchase Price

Consistency is the key to success! If you want to be a dynamic investor, be consistent as the path is tricky and literally a roller coaster!

Meet Idy, our dynamic client who recently secured a prime property in the bustling Metro Perth market. Despite the challenging real estate landscape, Idy’s success stands as a testament to what can be achieved with the right guidance and strategy.

Idy’s path to property success wasn’t without its challenges. A high-income earner, she began her investment journey in 2014 but struggled with property choices that didn’t align with her financial goals. High-cost apartments in areas like Chatswood and Castle Hill proved to be costly missteps, hindering her retirement aspirations.

She came to us and we recognized the need for a strategic pivot, we conducted a comprehensive portfolio review, identifying properties to sell and opportunities to seize. The result? Idy’s first acquisition with us delivered a stellar 15% growth, with a promising duplex under $700k yielding over 7%—but that’s a story for another day!

Prime Location:

Idy’s property is more than just bricks and mortar—it’s a strategic acquisition poised for growth. Purchased at $425k, this 683sqm gem was valued at $490k pre-settlement, reflecting an impressive 15.29% growth in just three months. With a weekly rental income of $500, Idy enjoys a healthy yield of 6.12%. Moreover, the property’s potential as a two-unit site opens up exciting opportunities for co-living spaces—a project we’re thrilled to assist with. Best part is, it is strategically located 16 km from Perth CBD,

Proximity to Amenities: A serene lake, playgrounds, primary and secondary schools, parks, and two shopping centres.

Connectivity: A mere 5-minute drive to the train station and easy access to the city via two major roads, both within a 5-minute drive.

The Growth Corridor:

High Demand: A demand-supply ratio of 57 indicates strong demand, with more buyers than available properties.

Quick Sales: Properties here spend less than 48 days on the market, down from 79 days previously.

Limited Supply: Stock on the market is less than 0.98%.

Rental Appeal: Renters make up 29% of the population, with a vacancy rate under 0.45%.

Ready to Unlock Your Property Potential?

If you’re a passionate property investor like Idy, let’s chat. Together, we can navigate the market’s complexities and find your next winning investment. Until the next purchase—peace out!