This Client Achieved Financial Goals with Investment Property

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
919 sqm

Wish to start investing in Australia’s property without compromising your lifestyle?

Then, you must read Ron Davis’s story.

He was a first-time investor with a young family, and wanted to make a smart investment that would provide both growth and yield without negatively affecting his family’s lifestyle. He was looking for a property that offered long-term potential and could generate income while preserving his financial stability.

Through our expertise and knowledge of the market, we helped Ron acquire a property that perfectly aligned with his investment goals. The property, located at 36 Sandleheath Road, Elizabeth Grove, in Metro Adelaide, was a true off-market direct-to-vendor opportunity.

The property, available at a purchase price of $438,000, boasts a land size of 919 sqm in a high-density zone. With its potential for development into 5 townhouses, this property holds promising possibilities. Currently, it generates a rental income of $430 per week, providing a solid yield of 5.1%.

Comparable properties in the surrounding area are being sold at $480,000, indicating the potential for value appreciation. Furthermore, a neighboring 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom property recently sold for $350,000, further emphasizing the growth potential of this investment.

Strategically situated within a 22 km radius of the CBD, this property offers convenient access to a range of city amenities. Moreover, it is within walking distance of primary and secondary schools, a hospital, childcare facilities, and a church, ensuring a desirable location for residents.

Identified as a growth corridor, this area holds immense potential for future development and increased property values. The following high-level data supports this designation: a demand-supply ratio of 72, indicating a higher demand than available supply; a significant reduction in days on the market to under 48 from an average of 89 days; a low stock on the market, with less than 0.55%; a renters proportion of 39%, highlighting the strong rental demand; online search interest over 740 and continuously rising; and a declining vacancy rate below 0.36%.

Ron’s investment in this property marks an excellent start to his investment journey. With these impressive property details, potential for value appreciation, desirable location benefits, and strong indicators of growth, this investment opportunity is poised to deliver significant returns and long-term success. Furthermore, the equity he has retained from the property’s purchase price allows him to plan for his next investment within the next six months.

We will continue to support Ron throughout his investment journey, providing guidance and expertise to help him achieve his financial goals. As a passionate property investor, Ron is well on his way to building a successful portfolio.