This Client Achieved Instant Equity Uplift of $55K with 1st Property

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
738 sqm.

Are you an investor looking for some inspiration?  

Then you’d be interested in Dr. Win Phyu’s story 

She wanted to invest in a property that offer yield and growth at same time while building a sustainable portfolio quickly and safely.

She had heard about a property that had great potential, and she contacted me to help her acquire it. The property was in a growth corridor, just 12 km from the CBD, and had 738 sqm land with a 23 sqm frontage. The purchase price was $590k, but with our strong Direct to vendor network, we brought it down $575k.

Since the property has huge development potential, a developer next door offered to pay $645k for the land which bring an instant equity uplift of $55k. The property has the potential to offer $300k.

Our plan was to renovate the property to add value, and then sell it for well over $640k. The property’s floor plan had excellent potential for improvement, and with our expertise, we knew we could add significant value. Additionally, the wide block could be developed in the future to increase yield or manufacturing profits. We estimated that 3-bedroom single Storey houses were selling in the suburbs for around $750k.

With the renovations completed, we were able to sell the property for $695k, which was well over our initial estimate. Dr. Win Phyu was delighted with the result and grateful for our expertise and guidance.

The data we used to confirm that this was a growth corridor was impressive. The demand-supply ratio was 75, indicating that there were more people looking for properties than the available supply. The days on the market were under 47, down from 70 days, and the stock on the market was less than 0.5%. The renters’ proportion was 22%, and the online search interest was over 750. The vacancy rate was under 0.34%, and typical house values for similar properties were $600k+. Finally, there was no new land or supplies available in the area.

This purchase set her off to a good start to build her portfolio. We are now helping her to acquire a property that will generate cash flow an d provide tax benefits. Thanks to our expertise and her willingness to learn, Dr. Win Phyu is well on her way to securing her financial future.