Unlocking Investment Potential: Client’s Success Story at 6 Bayonet Drive, Paralowie, SA

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
675 sqm

Price: $480,000
Weekly Rental Income: $480
Yield: 5.3%
Valuation: $520,000
Property Type: 2 Unit Site
Our valued client, Han Wei, has demonstrated what can be accomplished with a well-thought-out strategy and a commitment to seizing opportunities, even in a red-hot market.
Han Wei, a young IT professional, had previously purchased his principal place of residence in his twenties. It was a lifestyle choice that reflected his aspirations. When he approached us with the idea of investing in another townhouse, we embarked on a journey of strategic planning and education.
Our strategic approach helped Han Wei grasp the concept of scaling his investments and creating a sustainable portfolio. Initially cautious, he trusted our process and took the leap into his first investment property. Just three months later, the property had accumulated over $80,000 in equity, validating the wisdom of his decision.
What’s more, Han Wei’s parents, initially skeptical, have now recognized the value of following a trusted strategy to build a scalable and sustainable property portfolio without compromising their lifestyle. Currently, we are in the process of acquiring another investment property to accelerate Han Wei’s retirement plans over the next seven years.
Han Wei secured this property for $480,000, a strategic acquisition that carries immense potential. The property encompasses a substantial 675 sqm of land, offering exciting prospects for future development. Han Wei’s property is not just an investment; it’s a canvas of possibilities. With the potential to build a granny flat or subdivide the land into two lots, the property aligns with his vision for growth and versatility.
The bank’s valuation stands at $520,000, reflecting the property’s inherent value. What’s more, the area’s growth trajectory has propelled the local median value to $560,000, underlining the potential for substantial gains.
The growth corridor is brimming with potential as supported by these Data-Driven Insights
• High Demand: A demand-supply ratio of 76 signifies robust demand for properties, surpassing the available supply.
• Swift Transactions: Properties in Paralowie move swiftly, with an average of just 46 days on the market, marking a significant improvement from the previous 86-day average.
• Limited Supply: The market boasts a mere 0.52% of properties currently available for purchase.
• Renter Appeal: With 32% of residents being renters, Paralowie offers a vibrant rental market, promising consistent income opportunities.
• Strong Interest: Online search interest exceeds 795 and is steadily increasing, indicating the suburb’s popularity.
• Low Vacancy Rates: The vacancy rate in Paralowie stands at an impressive 0.32%, underlining its desirability among residents.
In summary, the purchase of this remarkable property in a flourishing growth corridor serves as a smart investment decision. Our valued client has not only tapped into the potential for significant capital appreciation but has also devised a strategy to significantly boost rental yields, ensuring the security of their financial future.