Rising Stars: Unveiling Metro Perth’s Property Market Potential

Purchase Price
Est Value
Land Size
626 sqm

Our client’s triumphant success in the scorching property market of Metro Perth deserves the spotlight! 

Guided by their passion for property and armed with extensive knowledge in the development space, our clients, a couple with children, embarked on a journey to secure their dream investment. After meticulous consultations and an in-depth portfolio assessment, we set out to discover a property that would align seamlessly with their goals of sustainable growth and lucrative returns. 

Unveiling a Captivating Gem 

In our relentless pursuit, we unearthed an exceptional gem—a property that surpassed all expectations. Situated in a highly sought-after pocket of Metro Perth, this corner land showcased the epitome of opportunity. With a purchase price of $400k, this property boasted an impressive tenancy generating $550 per week, delivering an outstanding yield of 7.15%. But the story doesn’t end there.  

Dual Income Potential 

With our keen eye for potential, we recognized the possibility of unlocking even greater returns. The expansive land spanning 626 sqm presented the opportunity to create dual income streams, propelling the yield to an astonishing 8.5%. This strategic move would ensure sustained profitability and solidify our clients’ financial future. 

The Perfect Location 

Location, a crucial element in any investment, played a starring role in this success story. Nestled just 5 minutes away from esteemed schools, hospitals, childcare facilities, and a church, this property offered unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Not to mention, it was strategically positioned around the corner from a bustling major shopping center, further elevating its appeal. 

Our Journey with the Client 

Our dedication to our client’s success did not go unnoticed. The husband, having spoken to numerous buyer’s agents before choosing us, appreciated the value of our services and expertise. The feedback received was humbling—our comprehensive offerings, coupled with our ability to guide investors towards sustainable property portfolios and facilitate the transition from first-time to high-net-worth investing, set us apart. These remarks fueled our drive to continue providing unparalleled service and results. 

A Thriving Growth Corridor 

The growth potential of this investment is undeniable, with the market already witnessing properties in the suburb selling well above $480k within just two months since settlement. This promising growth corridor cements the wisdom of our client’s decision. 

Let’s delve into the data that solidifies the investment’s remarkable prospects: 

📈 A demand-supply ratio of 62 reflects an overwhelming demand that surpasses available supply, indicating an abundance of eager buyers. 

📈 Days on the market reduced to under 37, a significant improvement from the previous average of 87 days, showcasing the high desirability of properties in the area. 

📈 Stock on the market remains under 0.61%, signifying a limited supply and increasing competition among buyers. 

📈 Renters make up 23.5% of the local population, underscoring the high demand for rental properties and ensuring a steady income stream. 

📈 Online search interest exceeds 300 and continues to grow, pointing to a surge in interest and the property’s rising popularity. 

📈 The vacancy rate stands at under 0.42% and exhibits a downward trend, emphasizing the scarcity of available rental properties and the potential for higher rental returns. 

Your Partner in Property Investment 

If you share our passion for property investment and desire to unlock the full potential of the thriving Metro Perth market, connect with us today. Discover the possibilities that lie within this flourishing landscape as we guide you toward your next successful purchase. Learn more about where we continue to make waves in the property market.