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Jan 4th, 2023

Most of the time, your worst enemy is your mind. It tells you what you can’t do and highlights the fear of getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks. It stops you from achieving success and pursuing the life you’re made to live in.

You deserve to be acknowledged. The struggles you face and the small victories you celebrate. Still, not everyone is seen, especially when you are not “fit” in the “societal standards.” But it shouldn’t define who you are and what you can do. Illness, disorders, disabilities– these are not limitations but a drive to go through life successfully.

For this episode, our host Moxin Reza invites a special guy with a special ability that influences and inspires a lot of people. Cam Hannah, That ADHD Guy, will join this podcast to talk about his mission and how he was able to help people change their mindset and live a much fuller life.

If you’re still finding your purpose in life, this episode is worth listening to!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 03:03 Getting to Know Who is That ADHD Guy and How He Became a Content Creator
  • 07:25 The Big Part That Affects a Lot of People With Adhd is the Lack of Conformity
  • 10:54 “Need Nothing, Attract Everything.”
  • 13:30 Burning Desire for Success Always Defeats Fear
  • 21:09 The Legacy of Cam Hannah
  • 22:28 Abundant Mindset Not Only Impacts Business but Relationships, Too
  • 23:43 Understanding That Money is Not Real


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About the Guest:

Diagnosed with ADHD from an early age, Cam Hannah knows first-hand how it feels to live with a mental illness. Cam Hannah touches on topics relevant to people struggling with mental illness. When you check out his content on Instagram and TikTok, you’ll find that he covers fundamental, raw, and essential concepts that most people are too scared to speak up about: self-worth, self-sabotage, ADHD, depression, traumas, and how to solve it.

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