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Jun 20th, 2024

Another brilliant episode where we shed light on the topic of business owners and their woeful journey into the world of property investment. 

This episode is a continuation of the previous episode. Our experts discuss the mistakes that business owners make when investing in property. They emphasize the importance of not focusing too much on interest rates and instead taking a long-term perspective.  

The need for tax planning and paying yourself enough as a business owner is also highlighted in this episode. To be a successful property investor, various borrowing options for business owners, such as low-doc and no-doc loans, and the importance of finding the right broker and accountant are discussed in grave detail. 

You can always opt for trusts and companies for property investing as they come with their own set of benefits, but the key to success is starting investing in property early and diversifying income options for long-term wealth. 

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Episode Highlights: 

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast  
  • 07:25 Avoiding the Interest Rate Trap 
  • 16:04 Tax Planning and Paying Yourself 
  • 21:02 Exploring Borrowing Options 



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