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Feb 1st, 2023

Do you need help understanding your suburb selection for your next investment property? One that fits perfectly with your investment strategy? You’re not alone! There are a lot of property investors who are in the same boat.

Understanding the supply side of the equation is crucial. But where do you begin?

This is part 2 of the 3-part series “Due Diligence to Find Investment Grade Properties”. Today we focus on understanding investment property supply. Our host, Moss, and his guest co-host, Cheryl, will continue discussing this topic based on personal research and experiences as property investors.

Mastering the fundamentals is part of leveling-up as an investor.

Tune in, where we pull back the curtain and reveal industry secrets that most buyers’ agents don’t want you to know…

This episode is worth checking out!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 01:42 How Do We Determine How Much Supply is Around
  • 03:00 Increase in Stock Doesn’t Automatically Mean That the Market is Bad
  • 04:28 There Are a Lot of Free Websites That Provide Free Stock Market Data
  • 06:34 Is Past Growth a Good Indicator of Future Growth?
  • 12:12 Two Types of Infrastructure Projects
  • 14:12 Rental Growth Drives Price Property Growth
  • 17:37 The People Around You Provide So Much Value to Your Transactions
  • 18:57 Identifying Developable Land Supply Around the Area
  • 22:11 Get Information From the Council as to What Their Plans for the Suburb


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About the Guest:

Cheryl Leong, or Chez, is the Chief Freedom Officer at The Growth Hub. She is great at negotiating the minefield of parenthood with two young children and building virtual and physical communities – Cheryl runs Australia’s largest property development Facebook group with over 11,000 members. She’s also a property investor and developer.

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