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Nov 28th, 2023

Navigating the property investment market can be a treacherous journey, especially for inexperienced investors. In a rapidly evolving market, the risk of falling prey to scams increases significantly. 

Today, Moss and Goro delve into various deceptive practices prevalent in the industry, aiming to equip potential investors with the knowledge to identify and avoid these pitfalls.

The real estate market is rife with individuals claiming expertise, from property developers to investment advisors. These so-called experts often use persuasive tactics to lure investors, including projecting an image of extreme wealth or poverty to gain trust. However, the reality is often far from the façade they present.

The lack of regulation in the property market is a significant issue. In an unregulated environment, anyone can sell courses or advice without needing to demonstrate actual expertise or success in property development. This situation creates a breeding ground for scams, where individuals can make false claims without accountability.

Investors should be wary of seemingly lucrative offers, such as land development deals or house and land packages that promise high returns with little or no initial investment. These offers often come with hidden risks or costs that are not disclosed upfront.

It’s also crucial to investigate the background and track record of any property advisor or developer. A genuine expert in the field will have a history of successful investments and be able to provide concrete evidence of their expertise.

For an in-depth exploration of these critical insights and more, be sure to listen to the full episode. Discover firsthand the nuances of navigating the property investment landscape and learn how to safeguard your investments from potential scams.


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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 02:52 Property Scams and Misleading Marketing Tactics
  • 09:21 Real Estate Industry Ethics and Regulation
  • 12:27 Real Estate Scams and Market Volatility
  • 18:17 Real Estate Development and Common Pitfalls
  • 21:50 Real Estate Scams in Australia
  • 27:13 Real Estate Scams in Queensland, Australia
  • 29:25 Property Investing and Buyer’s Agents in Australia
  • 33:41 Property Mentors and Their Experience
  • 36:44 Real Estate Sales and Guarantees
  • 42:14 Warranties, Guarantees, and Investor Protection
  • 44:45 Real Estate Investing and Licensing in Australia
  • 51:00 Red Flags in Real Estate Industry
  • 53:57 Property Investment Strategies and Red Flags


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