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Apr 13th, 2024

Why is keeping money in the banks still the best option for people, and why do they still avoid investing? A deeper question that may tickle your brains with a lot of queries about finances and taxes could be how to avoid going bankrupt? 

This may be more intriguing for the businessman who needs to think of the financial system, like how banks earn from customer deposits and the importance of investing in ways that outperform inflation.

This is why we include practical solutions on debt recycling strategy, including possibilities where people can use refinancing, as well as the significance of making sensible investment decisions to prevent lifestyle inclinations. 

Through this episode, we manage to emphasize the importance of having a good financial strategy, as well as the vital role of expert opinions in making these strategies, mortgage organizing, and managing taxes, and urge listeners to invest prudently. 

Explore the deep learning of debt and taxes, where the comprehensive teachings of financial strategies from our experts encourage you to avoid common pitfalls. Don’t miss out on the interesting and real-life examples shared tonight. Watch what you should not do next time you invest. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome To Help Me Buy Property Podcast
  • 02:15 How Inflation Has Been Making The Difference
  • 03:51 The Difference Between A Non-Tax Deductible Debt And Tax Deductible Debt
  • 06:58 Understanding Banking System
  • 08:12 The Importance Of Debt Recycling Strategy



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