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May 7th, 2024

In this second serving of our topic of discussion – Why Buying a Property to Live in Right Now is not a Good Idea? We broaden our canvas to the established properties and how first time investors should opt for these instead of chasing their Australian dream of owning a place to call home.

Me and my co-host Cheryl continued our discussion by exploring the price disparity and how the market is growing and molding itself according to the newer rules set by the Government and trends. 

This is a hot topic of debate in the current scenario and to keep you up-to-date is our priority. Australia is witnessing a huge market change since the times of Coronavirus and this can make or break the market. The times are indeed very hard but if invested wisely, this market shape up can help you in terms of long-term investment goals. 

Listen to the podcast episode to find out all the missing pieces to the puzzle and how you can take control of your property investment journey even when the time is critical and not exactly in your favour. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Help Me Buy Property Podcast 

  • 06:02 Market’s New Dynamics 

  • 13:19 Investing in Established Properties 

  • 19:14 Rent-vesting 

  • 24:22 Market’s Changing Dynamics 

  • 29:02 Conclusive Solution 



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