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May 22nd, 2024

Are you familiar with the concept of PPOR (Principal Place Of Residence)? 

 This topic is not new but it always requires considerations and strategies to be implemented. 

In this episode, our hosts discuss PPOR in details while explaining what are the considerations and strategies that are mandatory. 

 They emphasized on the importance of tax planning and consulting with an accountant to understand the tax implications of developing a PPOR.  

So, there are strategies like the develop and hold strategy, where homeowners add value to their property and rent out additional units. Then, another one is the develop and sell strategy, which involves selling the property after development. These strategies require margin scheme and capital gains while tax implications are imposed. 

We cannot deny the benefits of joint venture partnerships when PPOR is in the picture but one of the tough part is the taxation, so it is advised that without wasting time or experimenting, one should opt for professional advice from tax expert along with a thorough and deep feasibility analysis. 

Check out this latest episode of our podcast to learn all about PPOR and decide whether it the right choice for you or not! 

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Episode Highlights: 

  • 00:00 Welcome to Help Me Buy Property Podcast
  • 06:09 Develop and Hold Strategy
  • 12:19 Margin Scheme Basics
  • 19:14 Favorite Development Strategies
  • 25:22 Profit Sharing in Joint Ventures 



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