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Nov 30th, 2022

Do you want to achieve early retirement while creating the lifestyle you were born to live? Then don’t settle for less! But before jumping into any big risks, it’s important to equip yourself with knowledge and wisdom to help you with your journey as a property investor.

Worry no more because our main man, Moxin Reza (or Moss), will help you think, help you calculate, and help you buy properties that are fitted for you. Backed up with his personal experiences, he will let you list the do’s and don’ts of property investing.

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Helpmebuy Property Podcast! Be part of the legacy and tune in to more weekly episodes for property investors that want to create sustainable property portfolios without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Keep smiling, be kind, and continue investing! Peace out!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 00:40 Getting to Know Moxin Reza and How He Loves What He Does
  • 01:53 Moxin is Leaving a Legacy Through This Podcast
  • 03:17 Looking at a Recession as an Opportunity
  • 04:42 Questions in the Facebook Group Are Entertained; Make Sure to Jump in!
  • 05:41 Do Not Listen Here if You Don’t Love Property Investing
  • 10:00 Why Do Millionaires Don’t Think That They Are Millionaires?
  • 12:33 Property Investment is Problem-solving
  • 13:32 7 Key Points of the Do’s and Don’ts in Property Investing


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