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Dec 7th, 2022

If you’re an experienced property investor, I’m sure you’ve fallen into this trap that leads to several loan rejections. Serviceability is essential, especially when you are in the real estate industry; screwing this ability can f*ck up your business and lifestyle.

Serviceability is important in maintaining your business running and cash flowing. Still, only a few master how to use it, and most of the time, many people get stuck in this puddle and don’t know how to recover from it. You need to find a solution right now before it’s too late!

For this episode, our host Moxin Reza aka “Moss” and our guest co-host Moby Kazmi will talk about every property investor’s nightmare. What is Serviceability, and how can you avoid it? They will go through their own experiences on overcoming this trap and share some tips on unlocking your serviceability potential.

It’s about having an understanding of how to reach your business goals. It’s about you being in control of your own outcome. It’s you being in a position to make better decisions and strategize your future.

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 02:58 What is the Serviceability Trap, and Why is Property Investing the Game of Cash Flows
  • 04:21 As an Investor, You Are Only Allowed Two Mistakes Before Screwing Your Serviceability
  • 06:22 Smart Professionals Can Still Fall Into This Serviceability Trap 
  • 08:42 Why Do People Keep on Falling Into This Trap?
  • 10:49 How Can You Avoid the Trap? Ask the Right Questions, Than Seek for Right Answers
  • 11:53 Having an a-player Team Can Help You Achieve Business Success
  • 14:13 How Do Lenders and Borrowers Benefit From Each Other?
  • 15:37 The More Mistakes You Make, the More Successful You’re Going to Be
  • 18:01 What is the Perfect Strategy for Breaking the Serviceability Trap?
  • 21:07 What Are the Tips on Unlocking Your Serviceability?


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