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Dec 14th, 2022

There are a lot of traps and challenges in real estate investing you’re going to go through in order to successfully tell yourself that, “This is it.” 

Real estate is not an industry for the weak or for those who do not know how to negotiate. It’s for those who are determined and goal-oriented investors that know how to name its price and is it really worth it?

In this episode,  our host Moxin Reza aka “Moss” and our guest co-host Moby Kazmi will talk about building your property portfolio, what are the common mistakes and how to fix them. They will share some personal experiences and how they were able to deal with these mistakes – this will be helpful to all those first time property buyers!

If you’re a first time property investor and you have questions, this podcast episode is great for you! It will help you have an idea of generating cash flow, the how-tos of the real estate business and so much more!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 01:40 Everyone is Prone to Mistakes, and Nobody is an Exception
  • What Are Some of the Portfolio Mistakes That Investors Used to Make?
    a. 02:15 What Are Non-investment Grade Properties, and Why is It a Mistake?
    b. 02:52 The Timing on Your Property Lifecycle
  • 05:09 What Does an Ideal Portfolio Look Like?
  • 08:44 The Process of Building Your Ideal Portfolio by Creating a Property Strategy Foundation
  • 14:10 Should You Focus on Cash Flow When Buying Properties?
  • 17:58 The Eternal Question of “What Kind of Property Should I Acquire?”
    a. 18:17 What is a High Cash Flow
    b. 8:30 What is a Low Cash Flow
    c. 19:00 What is a High Deposit
    d. 19:14 What is a Low Deposit
  • 26:57 Having Decent Growth on Your Property Portfolio
  • 30:07 The Questions You Need to Ask to Know if You’re Making a Mistake on Your Portfolio?
  • 35:24 Use Your Emotions to Enjoy Life and Not to Drive Your Business


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About our Co-Host:

Mubashar Kazmi, or Moby, is a high-energy sales and management professional with 16 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry. He has a passion for developing strong relationships while delivering on sales targets, and he is passionate about making the complex easy.

His key responsibilities are maintaining an excellent relationship with T 1 and T 2 clients. Implement strategic account management plans to retain and grow the client base, identifying opportunities to cross and upsell within existing clients. Keep a close eye on all ongoing issues and monitor the support activities. Work closely with different internal teams to ensure clients receive the best service.


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