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Dec 21st, 2022

Inflation is the worst enemy of property investors, and it feels like the struggle will never end because facing inflation is like survival. You will need to be equipped with correct practice, a healthy mindset, and an eagerness to continue and conquer this worst enemy.

And Moxin learned several strategies to survive inflation the hard way. That’s why you’re so lucky because you will now know the pros and cons of these modern investment strategies and learn as early as now what works for you and what doesn’t.

For this episode, our main man, Moxin Reza or “Moss,” with his main co-host Moby Kazmi will share their insights and experiences on how their personal businesses beat inflation using modern investment strategies that can also help your business.

Don’t get swayed by inflationary pressures. Always remember that investment is a game of patience. Be different from others, take a risk during this time, and don’t be afraid to invest. It will all be worth it in the end.

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 01:32 Is Cash Flow More Important Than Growth?
  • 04:37 Manufacturing Equity and Using Creative Strategies in Unique Situations
  • 08:20 Overcoming Poverty Mindset in Running Your Business
  • 09:17 Key Things in Making More Money Out of Your Investment Choices
  • 13:42 How Do You Create More Cash Flow Using the Existing Properties That You Own?
  • 19:01 Is Converting Your Property Into an Airbnb a Good Idea?
  • 23:18 Intentional Start Strategy Alternative to Air Airbnb That You Might Want to Try in Your Property
  • 24:31 Pros and Cons of Buying Commercial Properties
  • 28:56 Surviving Inflation and High-interest Rates Properties


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About our Co-Host:

Mubashar Kazmi, or Moby, is a high-energy sales and management professional with 16 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry. He has a passion for developing strong relationships while delivering on sales targets, and he is passionate about making the complex easy.

His key responsibilities are maintaining an excellent relationship with T 1 and T 2 clients. Implement strategic account management plans to retain and grow the client base, identifying opportunities to cross and upsell within existing clients. Keep a close eye on all ongoing issues and monitor the support activities. Work closely with different internal teams to ensure clients receive the best service.


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