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Jan 18th, 2023

Does your team help your business grow in any shape or form? If not, it’s time to create the best property investment team! You might not know it yet, but the team that aims to put your company in a better position is a business success. And they are more influential than you think. They affect decisions that you’ll be making in your company. They should help you make a strong financial decision.

You, as yourself, are part of the team, too, and not doing your job as a team player will affect your business. Your relationship with your team, mentors, business partners, and clients is equally essential. That’s why giving less to one part of the relationship can bring your business down the drain, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

That’s why for this brand-new podcast episode of Helpmebuy Property Podcast, our host Moss Reza and his guest co-host Cheryl Leong will help us break down how we can enjoy success with the right people surrounding us. 

Together, let’s unravel what we should do to create a team that will contribute to our business success!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 01:10 Why Do We Need a Good Team in the Business?
  • 04:09 Creating a Team is Creating a Business
  • 06:46 What Makes a Good Team?
  • 09:35 Success is Just a Product of Your Enjoyed Journey
  • 12:07 How Do You Make Sure You’re Surrounding Yourself With the Right People
  • 17:30 Business Success Starts With Good Business Relationships
  • 20:11 The Impacts if You Have a Partner When Dealing With Property Investment
  • 25:32 How Do You Balance Partners’ Need
  • 26:55 How Do Joint Venture Partners Become Good Teams?
  • 30:54 For Joint Ventures, You Need to Have an Exit Plan
  • 33:39 One Important Relationship When It Comes to Advisors
  • 39:36 Podcast is an Amazing Tool if You’re Listening to the Right People
  • 42:06 Don’t Take Your Mentors’ Advice for Granted
  • 46:13 Strategy is Like a Fingerprint
  • 48:04 Personal Development Attracts Success


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About the Guest:

Cheryl Leong, or Chez, is the Chief Freedom Officer at The Growth Hub. She is great at negotiating the minefield of parenthood with two young children and building virtual and physical communities – Cheryl runs Australia’s largest property development Facebook group with over 11,000 members. She’s also a property investor and developer.

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