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Jan 11th, 2023

Do you ever wonder how it feels to make every situation aligns the way you want? It is possible, but it’s not a matter of luck. It is a strategy that you can learn—negotiating is an essential tool when it comes down to your property business. Like playing cards, the property business is a game; to win it, you must be in it.

The art of negotiation is always taken for granted, not only in the field of property investing. They tend to forget how much power you can gain when you learn to master negotiation. But don’t confuse it with always getting your way. Negotiation is sometimes meeting people halfway and getting both ends meet. Negotiation gives you better choices– somehow, a different kind of win.

To start your 2023 right, our host Moss Reza and his guest co-host Cheryl Leong will talk about the art of negotiation when it comes to your property business. This podcast episode is a diary of the combined experiences of Moss and Cheryl while sharing tips on how to win the game of negotiating a property.

Learn them all by watching or listening to this full podcast episode. It’s worth catching out on!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 00:29 Art of Negotiation is a Cross-section of Sellers’ Willingness to Sell and Buyers’ Willingness to Pay.
  • 03:03 Building Rapport is Important in Building Trust
  • 06:49 Setting Your Values High is Essential in Business
  • 07:39 Transparency Goes a Long Way
  • 10:24 Negotiation is Not All About the Money
  • 14:21 Desperate Mindset When It Comes to Negotiation is a Trap
  • 16:36 What Characteristics That a Good Negotiator Has
  • 17:28 Best Alternative Available to You in a Negotiated Agreement or Batna
  • 20:58 When Meeting Vendors Who Are Anchored by Number, It’s an Opportunity to Educate Them
  • 24:35 Why Does Moss Never Discloses Himself as a Developer
  • 25:52 When is the Best Time to Talk About Money?
  • 29:16 Negotiating Never Stops
  • 34:43 Trying Lowballing is the Greatest Mistake You’re Going to Make as a First-time Investor
  • 36:48 Why You Should (Sometimes) Walk Away From Deals


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About the Guest:

Cheryl Leong, or Chez, is the Chief Freedom Officer at The Growth Hub. She is great at negotiating the minefield of parenthood with two young children and building virtual and physical communities – Cheryl runs Australia’s largest property development Facebook group with over 11,000 members. She’s also a property investor and developer.

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