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May 24th, 2023

Making serious money in real estate requires careful planning and strategic implementation. 

In this podcast episode, Moxin Reza and Cheryl Leong discuss strategies to achieve six-figure profits through property development. They emphasize that development involves actively adding value to a property to generate immediate returns rather than relying solely on future growth. 

The importance of thorough planning and feasibility studies is highlighted, as development success hinges on accurate projections. 

Moxin and Cheryl also touch on factors such as finance costs, contingencies, and the need to consider multiple exit strategies. They explore different development options, including Hammerhead projects, multi-unit developments, and land subdivisions, each with its considerations and potential risks.

The significance of choosing the right location, understanding neighborhood character, and navigating council regulations is emphasized. 

Listen now, and don’t miss the opportunity to tap into their expertise and take your property development endeavors to the next level. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 01:27 Making a Profit Today VS Future Growth
  • 06:30 Scaling up a development strategy
  • 09:07 Researching the Market and Understanding the Market
  • 13:59 How to Make $100,000 in Capital Gains
  • 19:48 The Pros and Cons of Multi-unit Development Sites
  • 22:04 The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Lending
  • 26:15 The Perfect Route for a Lot of New Developers 
  • 29:25 How Land Subdivisions Are Different From Townhouses
  • 35:52 The importance of being solution-focused in real estate



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