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Oct 10th, 2023

Property investment can open doors to impressive financial returns, but the path is often intertwined with intricate decisions and potential pitfalls. 

In this enlightening episode, Moss and Cheryl take the listeners on a journey through these financial intricacies, from understanding job transitions to the nuances of student loans.

Transitioning between jobs, especially if self-employed, can impact how banks view your loan worthiness. They often equate such moves to starting a business, leading to delays in credit approval. If planning a business, an active Australian Business Number (ABN) is essential. It’s also pivotal to consult accountants and brokers before any property investment to ensure financial feasibility.

Debt management is another critical area. Holding company names for credit cards or leasing cars can be strategic moves. Side hustles, even unconventional ones, can be leveraged to service debts. However, one must be cautious of their serviceability, especially with student loans.

Moving overseas presents a unique challenge. Banks may decrease loan eligibility due to currency risks. However, after residing abroad for 180 days, potential tax advantages emerge. Such moves necessitate expert guidance.

In essence, property investment isn’t just about acquiring assets. It requires planning, seeking expert advice, and continually adapting to life’s changes. Always prioritize making your life fit into your investment strategy, not the other way around.

For a deeper dive into these insights and to gain firsthand knowledge from the experts, don’t miss out. Listen to the full episode now!


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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 03:57 Financial Planning for Property Investors
  • 08:06 Managing Debt and Serviceability for Property Investment
  • 12:28 Managing Debt and Improving Serviceability
  • 16:39 Managing Debt and Income for Expats Moving Overseas
  • 21:22 Property Investment Strategies for Different Life Stages




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