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Oct 24th, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of property investment, the concept of co-investing—buying properties in collaboration with friends or family—has surged in popularity. This trend has emerged in response to soaring interest rates and escalating property values, creating challenges for potential solo investors. 

Today, our host Moss is back with Amol Khuntale to discuss how, with the guidance of seasoned brokers, newcomers to the property investment scene can avoid common mistakes and capitalize on shared investments.

Brokers well-versed in property investment can offer invaluable insights into this approach. Their expertise can guide novice investors, ensuring they avoid pitfalls and harness the potential of shared investments. Additionally, with the right broker, investors can explore non-conventional strategies to enhance their property portfolios, making the most of their collective assets.

However, co-investing isn’t devoid of challenges. Issues such as the distribution of responsibilities, profit-sharing, and unforeseen changes in individual financial situations can complicate the shared investment journey. Moreover, a lack of transparency or an unclear exit strategy can lead to disputes. Thus, it’s essential for co-investors to maintain open communication, ensure legal documentation, and conduct regular financial reviews.

Ultimately, the success of co-investing hinges on shared long-term visions. All parties must be aligned in their objectives and have clarity on the structure of their collective investment. As with any financial venture, thorough research, understanding, and continuous dialogue are key to ensuring that buying properties with friends is indeed a good idea.


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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 04:30 Co-investing Benefits and Risks
  • 07:59 Co-investing in Real Estate With a Focus on Accountability and Equitable Splits
  • 12:30 Co-investing in Property With Family Members
  • 16:42 Co-investing in Property With a Financial Advisor




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