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Nov 7th, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of real estate investment, there are intriguing options beyond the traditional. Imagine properties designed for co-living, rooming houses, dual occupancy homes, and duplexes – each offering unique potential for savvy investors. 

Co-living properties, also known as rooming houses, micro apartments, or micro units, offer a distinct living arrangement. They have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional shared accommodations. 

Co-living spaces vary widely, and there’s no standardized regulation governing them. It’s essential to understand the local regulations if you plan to invest in this niche. 

One of the challenges with co-living properties is navigating the regulatory landscape. In some cases, councils may have misconceptions about these properties, leading to initial resistance. However, co-living spaces present a significant opportunity for investors, especially as interest rates rise and people seek ways to maximize yields.

Dual occupancy properties involve splitting a single property into two separate living spaces, typically under the same roof line. These homes are more accessible to tenant out compared to larger rooming houses. They are often occupied by families and couples. 

Duplexes consist of two separate living units, making them a convenient choice for investors. They are less likely to experience vacancies due to attracting two typical families. However, they may require a substantial upfront investment. 

Ultimately, the key to successful real estate investment is thorough research and aligning your strategy with your long-term financial objectives. Whether you opt for co-living properties, dual occupancy, or duplexes, make sure you understand the market dynamics, local regulations, and potential risks before diving into the world of real estate investing. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 01:55 Co-living Spaces and Their Regulations in Australia
  • 06:20 The Pros and Cons of Converted Rooming Houses as Investment Properties
  • 10:23 Purpose-built Shared Accommodation Investments
  • 15:21 Property Management Fees and Occupancy Types
  • 21:28 Dual Occupancy Properties and Granny Flats in Australia
  • 25:22 Duplexes and Their Potential for Investment
  • 30:00 Duplexes Vs. Rooming Houses for Investment




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