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Apr 5th, 2023

To kickstart your property journey, you have to consider whether you want to buy a property to live in or rent it out.

And you need real-life stories about money and investing to make a decision. Our Helpmebuy Property Podcast hosts, Moxin Reza and Cheryl Leong, share a lot of their experiences.

Learn about renting versus owning a home and how the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle can simplify the process of buying your first property. Discover how this principle helped others purchase their first home and how it can benefit you. Also, find out how to take advantage of renting and equity increases.

It’s an episode that is generous with essential details you need to know before deciding on whether to rent or buy a property. 

Give it a listen and start your property journey with confidence!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 02:05 Renting Versus Owning a Primary Residence? 
  • 06:26 Advantages and Disadvantages of Rent Vesting? 
  • 10:15 You Don’t Need to Begin With a Bank if the Property is Not Your Permanent Home
  • 16:17 The Trigger Point for Moxin to Invest in a Property
  • 22:10 Use Your Properties as Leverage to Purchase Other Assets 
  • 24:53 What is Your Financial Freedom Target, and How Can You Accomplish It Quickly? 
  • 30:07 What is Your Number for Financial Independence? 
  • 34:15 What Are Some Guidelines for Buying a Primary Residence
  • 37:58 What Are Some of the Things to Consider When Purchasing a Primary Residence? 
  • 43:19 Purchase a 6×6 House and Transform It Into a Living Space



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