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Apr 12th, 2023

We know school zones are highly sought after when families are considering purchasing or renting their family home.

But how does that affect us as investors?

If you’re an owner-occupier, you’re aware of the premium public schools in your area. These schools require proof of residency before offering your kids a spot. This is where investing in a school zone pays off because properties in these areas can be worth up to $100,000 to $500,000 more than those outside the zone!

Investing in a school zone not only adds value to your property but can also save you money in the long run.


Not all school zones are created equal. The school decides the zone, not the council. And if your property falls outside the zone, the prices can drop significantly.

Investing in school zones is all about considering the key factors:

  • the school catchment zones
  • the developments
  • the risk with the neighbors
  • the reputation of the school

And if you’re an owner-occupier, you also have to consider the premium you’re paying to be in this zone.

So, if you’re looking to invest in property, take the time to consider the school zone. It could make all the difference. 

To learn more about investing and developing in school zones, check out this podcast episode with our hosts, Moxin Reza and Cheryl Leong! 

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Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Helpmebuy Property Podcast
  • 02:12 What motivates property owners to focus on purchasing properties in school zones? 
  • 04:40 The ever-changing nature of school catchment zones is based on population fluctuations
  • 07:23 Is it the school’s reputation or the people who move into the area that impact property values in school zones? 
  • 10:12 Affluent suburbs may be the end of the line for property investment
  • 12:26 What are the potential risks and downsides of investing in a school zone property? 
  • 14:06 Example of a typical selective school
  • 16:05 What are the key factors when selecting a school zone for property investment? 
  • 18:11 Is it possible to outperform the market by purchasing any property within a school zone? 
  • 20:57 Are investing in and developing properties in school zones the same thing?



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